Who am I?

It was a summer afternoon, around three decades ago, when a little girl was born on an island in a cold Ex-Soviet Union country – Estonia. She had a childhood with no luxuries, very often with little food and with a very depressing environment. The economic situation and all the cultural restrictions at the time led to everyone being raised in a very constrained and restrictive way. Due to all of this, she grew up starving for human connection. And that’s how her journey starts!

Growing up, she quickly realized that the way she genuinely communicated and interacted with people made a big difference in how her days would turn out to be and ultimately how her life would become a bit better. She started observing, analyzing and studying how people, no matter their personalities, need and crave for human connection.

She didn’t let the narrowed and complacent mentality of most of those around her limit her and when she turned 20, she decided to take the risk, buy a one-way ticket and move to Denmark.

Today, she is focused on putting as much energy and time as possible into inspiring and helping all kinds of people on not only WHY we should all be more willing to build authentic and valuable connections, but also HOW we can do that with simple techniques and a little twist in our mindset. She goes to schools, NGOs, speaking events,  public and private companies and gives fun, interactive and sometimes slightly provoking lectures (in Danish or in English) that challenges and inspires its audience and makes them reflect, discuss and together, come up with solutions and ideas about their way to build stronger, deeper and more meaningful relationships.

She is on a mission to impact as many people as possible and create a global unique community that includes all of us. Some may think that that is impossible but she won’t give up and will keep trying, one lecture, one audience, and one person at a time. The other day, looking at a mirror I asked her when will she feel that her mission is completed. She said that she will let me know… 🙂