About the lecture

What are my lectures/workshops about?

The lecture is a combination of content sharing, story-telling, fun group exercises and sometimes role-playing. Through that, my goal is to challenge everyone in the room and not only inspire but also empower them to be pro-active when it comes to communicate with new people, and to be determined to work on their existing relationships, whether it is as a brother, parent, spouse, co-worker, manager, CEO or any other role they may have in their lives.

The content of the lecture varies based on the audience (schools/universities, companies, speaking event, etc.) and on average, takes between 45 and 90min depending on the needs and goals of the teacher, manager, team leader or event coordinator. After agreeing on a time and location, I usually meet the leader (or call, when a meeting is not possible), and discuss which approach will be more powerful and create the biggest impact on them.

Different topics addressed are:

  •       Customer service: If your team deals directly with your customers, how can we improve your business by having your employees meeting the human instead of just ‘the customer’ and with that create more value for everyone? I will share and we will brainstorm and explore different ways of doing it.
  •      Job satisfaction: the level of satisfaction we feel at work is not only related to how good and how much we enjoy our tasks but it is also strongly influenced by the kind of relationships we are able to build in our workplace. It is known that the stronger relationships within a team are, the higher their engagement, motivation, and productivity will be. Is it really that difficult to become more ‘human’ in the workplace without feeling that we are exposing ourselves too much? It’s not and I will show you how.
  •       Personal leadership: we all have very different roles (depending if we are in a family, social or work environment) and in the same day we are normally exposed to several of them. How can we bring the best and real us to all of them and be determined to take the initiative to build and maintain awesome relationships like never before? It’s not an easy challenge for most people but with the right reasons and a little discipline, we can all get there.
  •    Human Connection: is the main topic that goes across all the above and reinforces the idea that if we want to elevate ourselves and increase the quality of our relationships and our lives, we must be willing to not only show and give more of who we are and how we feel but also try our best to meet the real person and their stories every time we meet with someone.

Based on feedback received I would say that the main outcomes of my lectures are, among others: colleagues more willing to help each other and an increase in their interest and awareness of other people’s wellbeing, leaders feeling more comfortable communicating with their teams, employees daring to level up the way they engage with their customers, people being more comfortable networking and not being afraid of pushing themselves to initiate conversations with strangers.

Meeting and connecting with others can be interesting, fun and result in a tremendous improvement in one’s personal and professional life.


I deeply believe in this idea that the quality of our lives and the success of our businesses are strongly correlated with our ability to engage and connect with others. Before purchases, processes and profits, there are people whom we need to interact with and the better and more authentic we are at it, the easier will be to attract and retain more customers, to motivate and inspire our co-workers and employees and to be better parents, spouses and friends. Because it affects us both personally and professionally, it is important that we make sure that we constantly remind ourselves and those around us of the impact that we can make by improving the way we communicate and express our opinions and emotions to others. That is the foundation for a strong human connection.

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