“When you meet Kadri, your world shines up in color. Her enchanting presence and profound human knowledge make her a unique storyteller and mediator. Kadri is able to open hearts and minds for new perspectives and lifts energy everywhere. Experience Kadri’s important and heartwarming messages – shared with rare heart warmth and insight. There’s one before and one after you’ve met Kadri. “


Eva Andrea, Author and Speaker



“Kadri talks about service from the heart!  An authentic presentation that touches your heart instead of your mindset and offers the simplicity and humanity that lies in being helpful to others and thinking of the customer as a guest you know and would like to do well for! I can give Kadri my warmest recommendation, a lecture which gives value and shows that you must be yourself and give something of your own personality to win the customer’s trust. “


Heidi Manley, Director in Danske Bank



“No one can, like Kadri Kostjutsenko,  capture the small details and moments that can create the greatest service experiences. Her perspectives and abilities to outstanding service are extraordinary. In masterful ways she can convey how to create efficient, personal and hearth felt service – always with an infectious energy. Kadri knows what is needed and is a walk-the-talk person. “


Steinar Ditlefsen, Scandinavian topspeaker



“It was a really good and compassionate lecture you held for us and our members in Lions Hvidovre. You’re absolutely great for giving talks and have a truly wonderful radiance that captures ALL. That story captivated everyone in the hall. The values ​​you’ve brought with you to Denmark and use every day are some we all might need to learn. In my optics, your philosophy is amazing: meeting people where people are – showing respect – giving “human service “(love).”


-Lions Hvidovre


“I would like to thank you for a fantastic inspirational lecture – you did it really well and captured the audience members. I have – very unsolicited – received very positive feedback on your presentation.”


Birgit Øllgaard- Partner at ØLLGAARD Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S



“I haven’t met anyone more passionate about fantastic customer service than Kadri. She has the ability to not only inspire people, but to touch their hearts as well. In todays age where most customer service is a voice on the phone or an email in the inbox, you want to have Kadri bring more heart and passion into helping your customers.”


Rasmus Lindgren – CEO of Infospray Media



“Kadri is one of the most inspiring people I have met. She truly embodies her message of kindness, humanity and compassion, and when she speaks you just want to listen. She is a true storyteller and you can feel her sincere passion in every word. Authentic, down to earth and absolutely lovable. I would recommend her anytime.”


Anja Steensig, speaker, heartmentor and eventmaker.



“When relationships grow, your business grows”